Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coen Robert Redford O’Brien the Barbarian Stramara

As you all know by now, we decided on the name Coen for our little man BUT what you don’t know is that agreement came with an *asterisk. Kyle only agreed on the name if I would agree on naming him Conan if he was born with red hair. (Yes, after both Conan O’Brien and Conan the Barbarian.) Considering there to be about a 5% chance of him having red hair, I shook on it to satisfy the name choice of Coen.

I whole heartedly believe that is the reason why Coen was, in fact, born with red(ish) hair. Luckily, because our hospital room had no natural light, we didn’t realize his hair hue was Conan material until after the birth registration papers were filled out.
2 Days Old: Our first look at Coen next to window light reviels his red(ish) hair

Once we saw his natural color, Kyle started calling him Robert Redford, who has an amazing coif as well. So feel free to call our son Coen Robert Redford O’Brien the Barbarian Stramara.

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